We’re a local crochet accessories company out of Salem MA that is making crochet modern, magical, and anything but granny (no offense to granny). By wearing our handmade crochet accessories, our customers feel cozy, warm and confident. Through this, they are able to enjoy the moment no matter the weather, get back to spreading their light & magic to others around them.

Salem Style is special because it is born from generations of crocheters. I have been crocheting for over 25 years. I saw my mom, grandma, and great grandma all crochet, and was thrilled when they taught me. My grandma recalls her grandmother crocheting as well.

Being at least a fifth generation crocheter, I take pride in my work and making crochet modern and relevant for this generation, and generations to come. 

The Salem Style collection features pieces that are inspired by and named after places in Salem MA. Salem is a magical city with a rich history. Many of those who visit feel its love and magic. My hope is to bring the magic of Salem with you wherever you go when you’re wearing Salem Style.

Stay Wild, Moon Child.