Salem Outfit Ideas - What to Wear In October

Salem Outfit Ideas - What to Wear In October

Salem Massachusetts owns Halloween like how the North Pole owns Christmas. And because of that, the whole month of October is one big long Halloween celebration in Salem. So many people plan a visit to Salem in October to be part of the fun, and the magic.

So how do you decide what to wear in October in Salem? We have a few suggested Salem outfit ideas to get you started.


Exploring the Wharf, Cemetery, Willows, Pioneer Village, and Winter Island

Salem has some areas that are "off the path" that are absolutely worth exploring! For this, you will want to make sure you have a jacket, shoes that are easy to walk in, and a super cozy hat. The Winter Island Hat is a super soft pompom hat that will keep you warm whether you're on the water, or in the woodsy areas. Perfect Salem outfit idea.


Visiting Museums and Shops Downtown

When you're walking around downtown and popping in and out of shops and museums (definitely check out the Peabody Essex Museum) you will want to have a light jacket, a small bag that you don't have to think about, and a cozy scarf. The McIntire Scarf is an oversized cowl scarf that is no fuss, and will be the perfect accessory.


Going out for Social Hour

In Salem there are tons of awesome places to grab a drink or bite in the late afternoon / early evening. Many of these options include outdoor options, so you'll want to be cozy. But since you probably want to travel light, the Anderson Ear Warmer is your perfect companion. It will keep you toasty, but if you find yourself warm inside, you can put it in a small bag for safe keeping. Pair it with a chunky knit and some fall boots, and you're good to go.


Taking a Cruise Around Salem

Salem is right on the water, and it's the perfect opportunity to see the area by sea! Escape the crowd of the city and get on a boat! It will be a little chilly, so you'll want to bundle up! Pair a sweater with some warm pants, and top it off with the Essex Scarf.


Looking for some recommendations from locals? This post is for you!

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