Holiday Gift Guide :: Tweens in 2022

Tween girls can be so hard to buy for! They are starting to lose interest in toys, but they’re not quite teenagers yet. So as far as gift ideas go, there is a lot of confusion! Here are some gift ideas for tweens for the tween girl in your life who you might be wondering, “what do I get??”

1. A Personalized Mickey Mouse Fanny Pack from The Fanciful Mouse. This bag has the trendy belt bag style with a whimsical design perfect for a tween! She’s going to love keeping her stuff in this bag when she’s on the go!

2. A Tie Dye Scrunchie from To Tie-Dye for Clothing. This scrunchie is perfect for her hair, or as an accessory on her wrist!

3. The ASHLEY Gathered Bamboo Tank from Jia Loungewear. She’s going to love how soft this shirt is, and how flattering it is. It’s super soft so when she’s home from school, it will almost feel like pjs!

4. A Hawthorne Ear Warmer from Salem Style. She’s going to love how soft it is, and how the twist detail is trending.

5. A Happy Ghost Desk Calendar from Keegsie Designs. This calendar is perfect for her homework space or getting ready area. She’ll love the different adorable ghost illustrations!

The best part about all of these gift ideas? They all come from small businesses! If you’re looking for even more small businesses to shop from this holiday season, check out the Shop 1-in-5 Pledge Small Business Directory.

Holiday Gift Guide :: Gifts for Them in 2022

So often gift guides are made for roles based on gender. And while we have a few of those in our collection, we canted to include a guide for our non-binary friends. These are great gifts for anyone, and are not gender specific. So if you’re looking for a gift for them, we’ve got you covered!

1. A Pass The Cider Candle from Soy Much Brighter. Not only does this candle smell like holiday happiness, it’s vegan and cruelty free from a brand that believes in creating products that don’t come at the expense of animals, people, or the environment. This candle is perfect for invoking warm and fuzzy feelings all winter long!

2. A Gold Sun and Moon Necklace Set from Goldenhour Goods. They can be worn as a set or individually. Goldenhour Goods is a queer, woman owned small business and everything is designed and hand assembled.

3. A Botanical Moon Print in Teal from Moondrop Collective. They’ll love this beautiful watercolor print to display in their home!

4. The Harmony Grove Scarf from Salem Style. They are going to love being wrapped up in a long chunky scarf. They can style it in a number of ways, so it’s sure to be a favorite this winter!

5. The Little Big Bag from From Esme. Who doesn’t love a great bag? The Little Big Bag is as stylish as it is functional. The waxed canvas and waterproof zipper protect your items from water as the softness of the material molds to your hip!

Holiday Gift Guide :: Stocking Stuffers in 2022

We couldn’t have a gift guide in the series of 2022 Holiday Gift Guides without – Stocking Stuffers! Whether you’re stuffing an actual stocking, or just looking for something small and fun, here are some items that are sure to bring a smile to their face!

1. A bar of Bamboo Baddie soap from ButtahFly Skin Co. This bamboo scented soap is homemade with natural ingredients!

2. A Wild Decal from 603stix. This decal is made of durable weatherproof cut vinyl. You can use it for indoor or outdoor use on flat surfaces such as laptops, water bottles, skis, snowboards, vehicles, windows, etc.

3. A jar of Gingerbread Whipped Body Butter from Navana Creations. This body butter is all natural and sure to keep your skin dry during the winter months. Plus it smells like a delicious seasonal treat!

4. An Anderson Ear Warmer from Salem Style. It’s small enough to fit in a stocking, but still warm and cozy enough to keep any “not a hat person” warm and cozy!

5. A You Rock! Affirmation Deck from Katie Clover Therapy. Katie is a licensed therapist creating products that help people with their mental health. Her mission is to change the world and help people heal!

Holiday Gift Guide :: Someone You Don’t Know Well in 2022

This was by far the most popular guide last year, so it’s back! Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts for Someone You Don’t Know Well.

Oh man! Haven’t we all been there?? A new coworker? Your neighbor? Someone you got for Secret Santa? Someone your sibling just started dating? Or even someone you just started dating???

It’s so tough because you want to give something thoughtful, but you’re not sure where to start. Here are some ideas that you really can’t go wrong with!

They’re all special items that will make the lucky recipient really excited! And maybe they’ll go from someone you don’t know, to someone you DO know??

1. A Lobster Towel from Clutch Towels. They’re going to appreciate a super-absorbent and quick-dry towel! It’s also ultra-compact, making it easy to pack & take anywhere. And it’s made from 50% recycled water bottles!

2. A bar of The Unusual Soap from That Crystal Queen. Everyone uses soap (hopefully) and with this unique crystal infused bar, you’re just giving the recipient some good energy! You can also let them know it’s vegan and cruelty free!

3. A Lunar Calendar from Laura King Paints. This beautiful calendar is a memorable alternative to a traditional calendar. With this calendar, the recipient will not only have a work of art, they will be able to keep track of the phases of the moon.

4. An Iced Coffee Cup Cozy from Salem Style. Because if they’re a human, chances are they need to stay hydrated. They’ll love that it can be used on cold and hot cups. Game changer!

5. A Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle from Memoirs Candles. This candle is sure to make their home smell amazing and bring out joy. You can also feel good that it’s from a small business that specializes in clean, non-toxic products.

The best part about all of these gift ideas? They all come from small businesses! If you’re looking for even more small businesses to shop from this holiday season, check out the Shop 1-in-5 Pledge Small Business Directory.

Holiday Gift Guide :: That Man In Your Life in 2022

A new favorite category returns for this year: Gifts for That Man In Your Life in 2022! Now he may be your husband or boyfriend, or whatever. You KNOW who I am talking about and you’re like “why are men SO DIFFICULT to buy for?” Well my friend, here are a few ideas to get you started. And he’s going to be so psyched.

1. A bar of Yule Soap from Plainville Homestead. He is going to love how it smells, and the fact that it’s made with a focus on sustainability, ethical supply chains, and human rights advocacy.

2. A tube of Magic Hand Cream from New England Apothecary. This cream isn’t just a hand cream, it’s made by a research scientist with dry skin and a cosmetic chemistry hobby, so this cream is a science-first custom designed formulas focusing on performance and texture.

3. The Tech Traveler Bag from Tripped Travel. He’s going to love that there is a place for everything and his cords and tech accessories will not be a tangled mess. Now he’ll be ready to go anywhere!

4. A Dunnie Beanie from Salem Style. This hat was specifically designed for Mr. Salem Style himself and has been a favorite among men for several years! Your guy is sure to love it as well!

5. A Terry Tracksuit Set from Beached Goods. It’s going to be cold, and he’s going to want to live his coziest life. This tracksuit will be perfect for those days when he’s looking to be extra comfy, in style.

The best part about all of these gift ideas? They all come from small businesses! If you’re looking for even more small businesses to shop from this holiday season, check out the Shop 1-in-5 Pledge Small Business Directory.

Holiday Gift Guide :: Your Sister or Aunt in 2022

New for 2022 – Holiday Gift Guide – What to get for your sister or aunt in 2022. These ladies are pretty special, and you want to think of something that they will really enjoy.

Bonus points for a double gift category if your sister also happens to be an aunt.

Gift Guide for Your Sister or Aunt 2022

1. A Goddess Gift Basket from Moonlight at Midnight Holistics. She is going to feel like such a goddess after she uses all of the treats in this box for some much needed self care!

2. A Lavender Candle from Essex County Candle Co. Just one deep breath in and she’ll feel like she’s in a field of lavender, and it be instantly relaxed. Okay yeah, you probably should get this for yourself too!

3. A set of Manic Monday Hair Clips from The Style Fílos. She’ll appreciate how effortless it is to wear one of these clips. People will think she spent a lot of time on her hair. It will be your secret.

4. The Kernwood Hat from Salem Style. She’s going to love how soft it feels and how it pulls together what she’s wearing. Whether she’s running errands or at an event, she’ll make a statement in this hat!

5. A pair of Gold Twig Earrings from BeccStar Designs. Your sister or aunt is going to love a pair of beautiful handmade earrings. She’ll love the detail and how they elevate her style!

If you’re looking for more gift ideas to get something for your sister in 2022, be sure to check out the local shops in your community!

Holiday Gift Guide :: Your Dad in 2022

For the second guide in the series of Holiday Gift Guides in 2022 – Your Dad. When it comes to finding a gift for your Dad, many of you know the struggle is REAL. A lot of gifts out there for the “man in your life” aren’t super appropriate to give your dad… So what do you get for your dear father? Here are some ideas for that man you just don’t know what to buy for!

Gifts for your dad in 2022

1. Shower Steamers from The Elchemist. Dad is about to up his shower game with these steamers. Hand-crafted in small batches, these steamers are made from the highest quality ingredients, and are never, ever, tested on animals!

2. A bar of Three Kings Soap from Lux 47 Co. He is going to love how this soap smells and the added benefit of the charcoal. This soap also contains Kaolin clay – one of the clays that works well with all skin types!

3. A bag of Maple Chaitastic Pecans from Seahorse Snacks. Dad is going to love snacking on these pecans. He can also add the to his yogurt, oatmeal, or ice cream! And on top of the deliciousness, these snacks are made by a cancer survivor with an amazing mission!

4. The cozy Forest River Scarf from Salem Style. Because he’ll love being warm and snug in style!

5. A Light When Dad Farts Soy Candle from Baum Designs. You can both have a laugh with this one and after he’ll have a fragrant candle to well… light when he farts.

If you’re looking for even more small businesses to shop from this holiday season, check out the Shop 1-in-5 Pledge Small Business Directory.

Holiday Gift Guide :: Gifts For Mom in 2022

Introducing the first in the series of this year’s Holiday Gift Guides – Gifts For Mom in 2022. Sometimes it can be challenging to find gifts for your mom. Whether it’s your mother, step-mother, mother-in-law, or anyone else that fills that motherly role in your life, here are some ideas for gifts this year she is sure to love!

Salem Style Holiday Gift Guide Gifts For Mom 2022

1. A pair of Chatham Earrings from Mermaids + Madeleines. She’s going to love these earrings inspired by the fiery sunsets in Chatham and bring her back to amazing summers. Mom is going to love this coastal inspired jewelry created that’s 14k gold filled!

2. A Woven Rattan Purse from SOLI & SUN. This purse is perfect for wearing on her wrist for day or night. It’s also big enough for her phone, even if it is a bigger size. The bracelet is detachable also, so mom can mix it up!

3. The Hydrate Face Oil from ISA ALEX Skin Care. Winter can be rough on our skin, and she’s going to feel radiant with this face oil. This face oil is is infused with sandalwood and rose and is sure to have her practicing self care this season!

4. A McIntire Scarf from Salem Style. She’ll be loving her effortless chic look with an oversized cowl. She can also wear it as a hood!

5. A Goddess Bloom hand painted wide brim fedora. She’ll love that she can wear this one of a kind hat, and then proudly display it in her home when she’s not rocking it. This piece truly is a work of art!

The best part about all of these gift ideas? They all come from small businesses! Furthermore, if you’re looking for even more small businesses to shop from this holiday season, be sure to check out the small businesses in your community or check out the Shop 1-in-5 Pledge Small Business Directory.