Holiday Gift Guide 2020 :: Gifts For Someone You Don’t Know Well

For the next guide in the series of 2020 Holiday Gift Guides – Gifts for Someone You Don’t Know Well. Oh man! Haven’t we all been there?? A new coworker? Your neighbor? Someone you got for Secret Santa? Someone your sibling just started dating? Or even someone you just started dating???

It’s so tough because you want to give something thoughtful, but you’re not sure where to start. Here are some ideas that you really can’t go wrong with! They’re all special items that will make the lucky recipient really excited!

1 A box of Salt & Ayre Chocolates from Harbor Sweets. Because when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with fine chocolates!

2 A bottle of New England Reserve Rum from Privateer Rum. Privateer Rum is wonderfully crafted, making each bottle such a special gift.

3 A Grapefruit Lavender Candle from Loxley + Leaf. The amazing scent combo is incredibly relaxing, they’re sure to love it! (I mean, who wouldn’t want to relax a little more after this year!)

4 The Iced Coffee Cozy from Salem Style. Because if they have ever had a cup of anything cold to drink, they’ll appreciate the wonders this little cozy can do!

5 A Ceramic Mug from Beech Street Pottery. Whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, it’s sure to taste better in one of these beautiful mugs!

We’re on a roll! As in the the last guides, these gift ideas all come from local businesses! So be sure to support all of these amazing businesses!