New Exciting Things :: 2019 – Year of Growth

Happy New Year! 2018 was such an exciting year. Chris and I got married, I turned 30, and Salem Style also totally rocked it.

This year, I really wanted to focus back more on Salem Style. This adventure has been great, but I think it can be even better. This year the theme is growth. I absolutely love making handmade knitwear (and will continue to do so!) but as you can see, more items are popping up in the shop. Everything that is available has been purchased from a wholesale distributor and intentionally curated by me, with you in mind. I did not make these items, I wanted to be able to offer a larger variety of accessories that you would think are awesome. Everything I selected will complement the cozy knitwear and goes with the Salem Style brand.

turban twist headbands :: $12

So I will continue making making making like crazy, but just wanted to give you the scoop on the other really cool items that you will see being added to the collection.

moon tote
moon tote :: $18

Thank you again for the love and support. You’re so freaking awesome.

– Julianna

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