Inspiration of the Poolside Cozy

At the beginning of March this year, I made an announcement that the shop was going to be taking a break. (You probably don’t remember, you’re a busy person!) During this time, we went to Florida to visit my mom and stepdad at their house. It was the first time we flew since the world changed and went somewhere close to home.

It felt great. The moment I changed out of my ”airport clothes” I took a deep breath, put my feet in the pool, and let out a huge sigh of relief. The weight lifted from my shoulders and for a moment, I was fully present and just enjoying being right where I was.

That feeling was the ultimate feeling. Letting go. Releasing tension. Feeling free.

During this trip, I wasn’t planning on buying yarn. But when I went in the store, I saw this yarn that had the same color pallet as the pool. The blue and teal tiles, the tan cement border. This reminded me of that very same pool, and the joy it brought me.

poolside cozy

And with that, I made the Poolside Cozy. So whether you’re going to work, class, checking things off your list, spending the day with your family, or taking a trip of your own – I hope this cozy inspires you to take a moment and find your own poolside.

Because we all need to relax and let go.