Holiday Gift Guide 2020 :: Gifts For Your Mom

Introducing the first in the series of 2020 Holiday Gift Guides – Moms. Sometimes it can be challenging to find gifts for your mom. Whether it’s your mother, step-mother, mother-in-law, or anyone else that plays that motherly role in your life, here are some ideas for gifts this year she is sure to love!

Mom Gift Guide 2020

1 These cozy smart touch gloves from Modern Millie. Because she still needs to be able to call and text you while keeping warm!

2 A handcrafted woven grass tote from Moody’s Gifts. She’ll love this carry all bag that can be used year-round.

3 A soft and cozy cardigan from J. Mode. Who doesn’t love to relax and be wrapped up in a soft cardigan??

4 The oversized essex scarf from Salem Style. So for when she does have to go out, she’ll be bundled up and extra cozy.

5 A warming winter solstice tea blend from Jolie Tea. Mom will love making this delicious tea to sip while she reads her book or binges something new on Netflix!

So there you have it! A few ideas to get you started on ideas for your mom. And guess what? This round up features all Salem MA businesses. 🙂