Holiday Gift Guide :: Your Dad in 2022

For the second guide in the series of Holiday Gift Guides in 2022 – Your Dad. When it comes to finding a gift for your Dad, many of you know the struggle is REAL. A lot of gifts out there for the “man in your life” aren’t super appropriate to give your dad… So what do you get for your dear father? Here are some ideas for that man you just don’t know what to buy for!

Gifts for your dad in 2022

1. Shower Steamers from The Elchemist. Dad is about to up his shower game with these steamers. Hand-crafted in small batches, these steamers are made from the highest quality ingredients, and are never, ever, tested on animals!

2. A bar of Three Kings Soap from Lux 47 Co. He is going to love how this soap smells and the added benefit of the charcoal. This soap also contains Kaolin clay – one of the clays that works well with all skin types!

3. A bag of Maple Chaitastic Pecans from Seahorse Snacks. Dad is going to love snacking on these pecans. He can also add the to his yogurt, oatmeal, or ice cream! And on top of the deliciousness, these snacks are made by a cancer survivor with an amazing mission!

4. The cozy Forest River Scarf from Salem Style. Because he’ll love being warm and snug in style!

5. A Light When Dad Farts Soy Candle from Baum Designs. You can both have a laugh with this one and after he’ll have a fragrant candle to well… light when he farts.

If you’re looking for even more small businesses to shop from this holiday season, check out the Shop 1-in-5 Pledge Small Business Directory.