Holiday Gift Guide 2020 :: Stocking Stuffers

For the third guide in the series of 2020 Holiday Gift Guides – Stocking Stuffers! Whether you’re stuffing an actual stocking, or just looking for something small and lovely, here are some items that are sure to bring a smile to their face!

1 A set of Wicked Warmers from Payne and Comfort. Just pop these babies in the microwave and put in your pockets. Easy as that! (p.s. I bought these for my mom as part of a “survive a New England winter” set and she loves them!)

2 A jar of Chocolate Toffee Almonds from The Cheese Shop of Salem. Because who doesn’t love a little treat in their stocking??

3 A handmade Jotter Notebook from HausWitch. Because whether they are suddenly inspired, or realize they need to make a list, this notebook will come to the rescue and be there for them!

4 A super cozy ear warmer, like the Anderson Ear Warmer from Salem Style. This ear warmer is perfect for anyone who is “not a hat person” but also hates those other ear warmers that squeeze your head.

5 A Floral Flower Bath Bomb from CC’s Essentials. What better way to have a “treat yourself” moment is to take a luxurious bath? What a gift to receive!

Like the previous gift guides, these gift ideas all come from local businesses! Look at you stuffing those stockings and shopping small!!