Introducing: The Aries Season Bundle

Looking for the perfect gift to celebrate Aries season? Look no further than our carefully curated Aries season gift bundle! This bundle features a selection of products that are sure to delight and inspire any Aries, with their bold and adventurous spirit.

aries season bundle

Included in this bundle is a beautiful Aries zodiac necklace, featuring a delicate pendant with the “Aries” in Gothic font.

Also included in this bundle is a gold quartz crystal hair pin to help Aries harness their strength, courage, and determination that defines the Aries spirit.

Another included item is the jersey twist headband in red wine. This headband will hold their hair back whether they’re in the gym, on a hike, or running errands.

And what better way to show the Aries fiery spirit than with the Basic Witch pouch? This fun pouch is sure to make them smile.

To complete the bundle, we’ve included a ruby red iced coffee cozy in medium for the Aries who wants to enjoy their iced beverage without the cold wet drips.

So whether you’re celebrating an Aries’s birthday, welcoming the start of Aries season, or simply looking for a thoughtful and inspiring gift, our Aries season gift bundle is the perfect choice. Order now and let us help you celebrate the fearless and fiery spirit of the Aries!

Inspiration of the Poolside Cozy

At the beginning of March this year, I made an announcement that the shop was going to be taking a break. (You probably don’t remember, you’re a busy person!) During this time, we went to Florida to visit my mom and stepdad at their house. It was the first time we flew since the world changed and went somewhere close to home.

It felt great. The moment I changed out of my ”airport clothes” I took a deep breath, put my feet in the pool, and let out a huge sigh of relief. The weight lifted from my shoulders and for a moment, I was fully present and just enjoying being right where I was.

That feeling was the ultimate feeling. Letting go. Releasing tension. Feeling free.

During this trip, I wasn’t planning on buying yarn. But when I went in the store, I saw this yarn that had the same color pallet as the pool. The blue and teal tiles, the tan cement border. This reminded me of that very same pool, and the joy it brought me.

poolside cozy

And with that, I made the Poolside Cozy. So whether you’re going to work, class, checking things off your list, spending the day with your family, or taking a trip of your own – I hope this cozy inspires you to take a moment and find your own poolside.

Because we all need to relax and let go.

Meet the Salem Style Iced Coffee Cozy

Don’t have an iced coffee cozy?

We’ve all been there. You’re craving your favorite cold drink so you decide to get one. When you’re handed that cup, you feel the chill and almost instantly your hands are wet. Now your cup is slippery and your hands are cold and clammy. You put the cup down to dry your hands and when you pick up the cup, puddle. Or worse, you leave the cup for a bit, pick it up, and then put something else where it was. Hope it wasn’t important, because now it’s drenched!

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why I created the crochet iced coffee cozy. I wanted to make something that not only insulated the cup, but gave your hands some relief. So many times I would put my iced coffee down on my desk, and important things I was working on feel victim to the puddle.

salem style iced coffee cozy

The Salem Style Iced Coffee Cozy is always handmade using 100% cotton. The cotton is soft, super absorbent, easy to wash, and dries very quickly. No longer will you have to use a second cup, or any other disposable option.

The cozies available in 3 sizes, and the sizes are modeled after the cup sizes at Dunkin’. (This is New England after all!)

The cozies were first released on the first day of spring on March 20, 2015 and are still a fan favorite to this day! I enjoy making them, and I hope they make your iced coffee experience way better!

Crystals: Why We Love Them

I have been drawn to crystals for a very long time, and I have gathered a collection through different situations. A few years ago, I was going to present to a group on how to use Instagram for business. I arrived to the event early, and was very nervous. Anna from A Fine Balance Wellness gave me a Tigers Eye crystal to keep in my pocket. She told me it would help with my confidence and courage.


Well my friend, I rubbed that crystal in my pocket while I took some deep breaths. I felt my body relax and I created a safe space for myself to breathe before it was time to present. When it was my time, I felt calm, focused, and confident. Yes, I controlled the situation, but having the crystal gave me something to focus on.

Crystals are essentially stones to help with healing. They’re tools to help us with what we need. When you are drawn to one, it’s probably because the energy it represents is what you need. So when you catch yourself noticing a certain one, pay attention to why you may be drawn to it.

I wanted to allow the same feeling I had to be accessible you. That’s why I have a few small collections of crystal items in the shop. There’s even a Tigers Eye necklace to inspire confidence and courage in you.

According to Well + Good, “The more you touch your precious stones, the more you can tap into their energy, so wearing them is a smart strategy.” And well I love to wear crystals because it’s easy. And when you look in the mirror and see yourself wearing it, you can remind yourself of your intention and use the time to check in with yourself.

The Anderson Ear Warmer : Your BFF For Fall

right now one of the best sellers in the shop is the Anderson Ear Warmer

these are perfect for all of you “I’m not a hat person” who tend to struggle a little bit when your ears start to feel that chill.
they’re also perfect for this time of year where it tends to get a little bit cooler in the mornings and evenings.

and they’re available in 5 different colors. I hope you agree and love them too! 🍁🍂

so what’s the inspiration behind the Anderson Ear Warmer?

my Grandma ✨

they’re named after my Grandma (her last name is Anderson) because she’s awesome. she’s such an important part of my life and one of the reasons I crochet so much. and it’s my honor to have something in the shop that is a direct tribute to her.

one of the first things Chris (my husband) said after meeting my grandma was “you don’t take after your mom or dad, you take after your grandmother!” 🥰

I love you Grandma 💗

Things to Love :: March 2020

Things To Love Spring 2020

Winter isn’t quite over yet! These months have been so cold, dark, and dry. Here are some things to love to get you through the last stretch of the season!

1. This awesome CBD infused Lip Balm from Kind Lab. It’s been my savior keeping my lips hydrated during the dry winter season. I always check my bag to make sure I have it on me!

2. The Rosewood Neroli candle from Loxley and Leaf. The scent is so soothing and reminds me of how you would imagine a high end day spa smelling like. I love that Loxley and Leaf doesn’t use dyes and has a natural wood wick!

3. My Salem Style Purple Henna Pouch. I use this one in my big purse to carry advil and essential oils to be prepared for a head-cold that usually comes during this time of year.

4. This awesome Hot/Cold Pack from Payne & Comfort. Not only is the pattern super cool, it’s incredibly soothing. I usually use it as a hot pack, but I love knowing it could be a cold pack if I need it!

5. Tiger’s Eye from A Fine Balance Wellness. I met Anna right before the first ever workshop that I was on a panel for. We met in her beautiful space, and I told her how nervous I was to speak. She gave me this crystal and told me to rub it to help with anxiety. Now I always have it on me if I need it!

Stay Wild Moon Child xx Juls

What’s The Difference Between Crochet and Knitting?

Difference Between Crochet and Knitting

At Salem Style, all of our handmade items are made by crochet. Crochet and knitting are similar that they both require a lot of dedication and skill, but there are key differences:

Supplies: Knitting is done with two needles, while crochet uses one hook.

Technique: When you knit, you form the loops, moving a set of loops from one needle to another. Also the stitches are held on the needle. When you crochet, you use your hook to hook the loops together directly on the piece.

How it’s made: Knitting can be done by hand, machine or loom while crochet is always 100% handmade.

Unraveling: A dropped knit stitch can cause it to unravel easily, while with crocheting, it’s less likely to unravel.

At the end of the day, they are both great, but we have chosen to stick with crochet.