6 Cool Gifts For Any Mom

There are all sorts of moms in our lives.

Whether she’s your friend who has been juggling her kids zoom learning, your cousin who just had a baby, or your aunt who just totally gets you, she would totally appreciate the acknowledgement! Looking for something different and out of the box to show her you care? Well look no further! 

The Fitness Mom:

For the mom who is always rocking the leggings and checking her stats on her smart watch, the Relax Tank is the way to go. This ultra soft tank is lightweight, perfect for any exercise, and promotes a calming message!

The Modern Mom:

For the mom who is always in the know, she’ll love the minimal style of the Moon Phase Necklace in Rose Gold. She knows how to make an awesome Instagram story and is always sharing her parenting hacks.

The On-The-Go Mom:

You know this mom, she’s EVERYWHERE. She’s always on the go, and literally has everything always on her just in case. The on the go mom would love the This Bag Contains My Face Pouch. Because even though she’s on-the-go, she’ll take a moment for herself.

The New Mom

She’s a new mom and she’s tiiiiired. The Rose Iced Coffee Cozy is just what she needs for a much needed caffeine intake. And since she might not get the change to drink it right away, the cozy will help those ice cubes from melting so quickly. So when she comes back to her cup, it won’t be a watered down mess!

The Soon-To-Be Mom

She’s pregnant in a pandemic, and her only silver lining is that strangers aren’t touching her bump. As it gets into summer, she’s going to feel hot. The Black Jersey Twist Headband will help keep her hair back. (And if she has morning sickness… well.. yea…) It will also come in handy in her hospital bag!

The Intuitive Mom:

She seems to have this mom magic within her. It always seems like she knows exactly what you need to hear. She just seems to always help guide you down your needed path, and you are so grateful for her help and guidance. You know the Rainbow Quartz Crystal Hair Pin is a little dash of added magic that would suit her well!

Speaking of awesome moms, I recently did a collaboration with my own mom. Have you seen it? Check it out here!

Holiday Gift Guide :: Gifts For Someone You Don’t Know Well

For the next guide in the series of 2020 Holiday Gift Guides – Gifts for Someone You Don’t Know Well. Oh man! Haven’t we all been there?? A new coworker? Your neighbor? Someone you got for Secret Santa? Someone your sibling just started dating? Or even someone you just started dating???

It’s so tough because you want to give something thoughtful, but you’re not sure where to start. Here are some ideas that you really can’t go wrong with! They’re all special items that will make the lucky recipient really excited!

1 A box of Salt & Ayre Chocolates from Harbor Sweets. Because when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with fine chocolates!

2 A bottle of New England Reserve Rum from Privateer Rum. Privateer Rum is wonderfully crafted, making each bottle such a special gift.

3 A Grapefruit Lavender Candle from Loxley + Leaf. The amazing scent combo is incredibly relaxing, they’re sure to love it! (I mean, who wouldn’t want to relax a little more after this year!)

4 The Iced Coffee Cozy from Salem Style. Because if they have ever had a cup of anything cold to drink, they’ll appreciate the wonders this little cozy can do!

5 A Ceramic Mug from Beech Street Pottery. Whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, it’s sure to taste better in one of these beautiful mugs!

We’re on a roll! As in the the last guides, these gift ideas all come from local businesses! So be sure to support all of these amazing businesses!

Holiday Gift Guide :: Stocking Stuffers

For the third guide in the series of 2020 Holiday Gift Guides – Stocking Stuffers! Whether you’re stuffing an actual stocking, or just looking for something small and lovely, here are some items that are sure to bring a smile to their face!

1 A set of Wicked Warmers from Payne and Comfort. Just pop these babies in the microwave and put in your pockets. Easy as that! (p.s. I bought these for my mom as part of a “survive a New England winter” set and she loves them!)

2 A jar of Chocolate Toffee Almonds from The Cheese Shop of Salem. Because who doesn’t love a little treat in their stocking??

3 A handmade Jotter Notebook from HausWitch. Because whether they are suddenly inspired, or realize they need to make a list, this notebook will come to the rescue and be there for them!

4 A super cozy ear warmer, like the Anderson Ear Warmer from Salem Style. This ear warmer is perfect for anyone who is “not a hat person” but also hates those other ear warmers that squeeze your head.

5 A Floral Flower Bath Bomb from CC’s Essentials. What better way to have a “treat yourself” moment is to take a luxurious bath? What a gift to receive!

Like the previous gift guides, these gift ideas all come from local businesses! Look at you stuffing those stockings and shopping small!!

Holiday Gift Guide :: Gifts For Your Dad

For the second guide in the series of 2020 Holiday Gift Guides – Dads. Many of you indicated that finding gifts for your dad presents a particular challenge. One person specifically suggested “for the father who doesn’t have any major interests besides books” and another said “I need ideas for my father in law who keeps to himself”. Here are some ideas for that man you just don’t know what to buy for!

1 A Green Monstah Mug from Sully’s Brand. Because although baseball came back, that man misses going to the game and eating a Fenway frank.

2 The Burger Blast Blend from Salem Spice Company. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean he’s necessarily firing up the ol’ grill.

3 An 800 Piece Model Ship Kit from the PEM Shop. Listen, it’s going to be a long winter. This will help mix things up, and then he’ll have a cool model ship.

4 The extra long and cozy Forest River Scarf from Salem Style. Because if he goes out to use the grill from #2, he’s going to be thankful to be wrapped up.

5 A bar of Backwoods Beer Soap from Grace Gardens. This soap can be used for face, body, and even shaving. It’s great for his skin, and also includes beer!

Like the last guide, these gift ideas all come from local businesses! So there’s that awesome factor as well!

Holiday Gift Guide :: Gifts For Your Mom

Introducing the first in the series of 2020 Holiday Gift Guides – Moms. Sometimes it can be challenging to find gifts for your mom. Whether it’s your mother, step-mother, mother-in-law, or anyone else that plays that motherly role in your life, here are some ideas for gifts this year she is sure to love!

Mom Gift Guide 2020

1 These cozy smart touch gloves from Modern Millie. Because she still needs to be able to call and text you while keeping warm!

2 A handcrafted woven grass tote from Moody’s Gifts. She’ll love this carry all bag that can be used year-round.

3 A soft and cozy cardigan from J. Mode. Who doesn’t love to relax and be wrapped up in a soft cardigan??

4 The oversized essex scarf from Salem Style. So for when she does have to go out, she’ll be bundled up and extra cozy.

5 A warming winter solstice tea blend from Jolie Tea. Mom will love making this delicious tea to sip while she reads her book or binges something new on Netflix!

So there you have it! A few ideas to get you started on ideas for your mom. And guess what? This round up features all Salem MA businesses. 🙂