Fall 2018

fall is such an awesome time. the leaves are changing colors, the weather is perfect, and all the cozy things emerge. autumn is a time to refresh and renew after the summer is over. i don’t know about you, but I always get that “back to school” feeling, whether I’m in school or not! instead of getting anxiety over it, I’ve turned it into excited energy! Here are some of the things we have been up to:

first, we did a fall photo shoot to really capture the vibe of Salem Style. Corinne from CE Photographee was our photographer, and Rachel styled the shoot. we had such a great time on the roof of a parking garage. music was blasting and everyone really got into it! here are just a few favorites from that day:


next, the team is growing. my heart jumps with joy just typing that. although it made me realize, there has always been a team. Chris has always been amazing with shipping out your orders, and Tim designed the current logo and website (and fixes it when I break the site). this fall, a few more awesome friends will be joining the team!


also, since I am the only one who currently makes all of the items in the shop, I have decided to scale back. at one point, I tried to have every item available in every color imaginable. going forward, I am going to remake the items in the colors that are the most popular. this will make it easier for me to make sure items stay in stock.

xo – Julianna


p.s. Chris and I got married last June


stay warm. stay cozy. stay authentic.